Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Ceremony Honors Student Veterans; New Organization Gives Support"

University of Louisville (14 NOV 2007)
“A majority of student veterans are now combat veterans,” he said. “We are not 18 to 22; we do not see things the same way as a regular student. We are adults who have seen the world and have seen the reality of the world. Most are commuters with families and life challenges that a traditional student does not face. These are the things we as an organization want to help one another with.”

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Ilona Meagher said...


I've posted a link over to your excellent blog from my (PTSD Combat) home page; will try to get an introductory post up if at all possible, but am swamped at the moment.

Will email a link if that goes up, soon.

Thanks so much for providing this great resource. Will let the guys and gals at NIU's Veterans Club know of you, too.

Cheers and thanks...