Monday, December 31, 2007

"Complex GI Bill makes for a Rocky Road from Combat to College"

USA Today, 26 DEC 2007
There are myriad opportunities for missteps: For starters, today's GI Bill is far more complicated and less generous than it was during World War II or even Vietnam. Colleges today face an unprecedented challenge in trying to manage the disruption, academically and otherwise, of National Guard and reservists, who are called to serve while enrolled in school.
And while there are a smattering of support programs, including one by the Department of Education, no central authority offers comprehensive information.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

"Dole Institute Plans Two Events to Pay Tribute to Veterans"

University of Kansas (1 NOV 2007)
Capt. James Wise will discuss stories of valor among U.S. sailors and Marines from his new book, “The Navy Cross: Extraordinary Heroism in Iraq, Afghanistan and Other Conflicts.” Wise was a naval aviator and intelligence officer aboard the aircraft carrier USS America and commanding officer of various naval intelligence units.

"Veterans' Tuition Breaks Expand"

USA Today (10 JUL 2007)
The number of states offering a tuition break to recent veterans has more than tripled, from six to 19, since 9/11. Five states passed laws this year; several have proposals in the pipeline. Benefits range from a full ride for veterans in Illinois to a tuition freeze in Tennessee for Guard and Reserves mobilized for at least six months. They typically must attend a state school and meet residency and academic requirements.

"Vets face Little Overt Hostility on Campuses, but they feel Different from Other Students"

University of Kansas / Kansas City Star (3 DEC 2007)
In a political science class, Gerald Caetano listens with gritted teeth as another student, 18 or 19 years old, broadly states that the military is “over there torturing Iraqis” just like Saddam Hussein did. “I know when to bite my tongue,” Caetano said. “When I first got back, I would almost have to hold myself in my chair.”

"University System to Waive Student Fees for Combat Veterans"

University System of Georgia (8 AUG 2007)
The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (USG) today approved a measure waiving mandatory fees for any Georgia residents who have seen combat in recent years as active members of the Georgia National Guard or the U.S. Military Reserves, effective immediately.