Monday, January 14, 2008

Spitzer's State of State: 'Blueprint for Growth'

Fox-TV, New York (9 JAN 2008)
Among Spitzer's ideas are: A legislative proposal to provide a tuition waiver for returning combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan at any State University of New York or City University of New York campus. "We owe them the chance to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities at home they have so honorably fought for overseas."

"Military Veteran Hopes to Organize Club at PSC"

Neighborhood Star (10 JAN 2008)
Post-service school left Mackay feeling "out of step with (his) peers," - a feeling he speculates lingers among some of those currently in school after serving in the armed forces.
A veterans club, he said, may be especially important for those who have been in armed combat - whose move from the battlefield to the college campus may be a tough one.

Monday, December 31, 2007

"Complex GI Bill makes for a Rocky Road from Combat to College"

USA Today, 26 DEC 2007
There are myriad opportunities for missteps: For starters, today's GI Bill is far more complicated and less generous than it was during World War II or even Vietnam. Colleges today face an unprecedented challenge in trying to manage the disruption, academically and otherwise, of National Guard and reservists, who are called to serve while enrolled in school.
And while there are a smattering of support programs, including one by the Department of Education, no central authority offers comprehensive information.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

"Dole Institute Plans Two Events to Pay Tribute to Veterans"

University of Kansas (1 NOV 2007)
Capt. James Wise will discuss stories of valor among U.S. sailors and Marines from his new book, “The Navy Cross: Extraordinary Heroism in Iraq, Afghanistan and Other Conflicts.” Wise was a naval aviator and intelligence officer aboard the aircraft carrier USS America and commanding officer of various naval intelligence units.

"Veterans' Tuition Breaks Expand"

USA Today (10 JUL 2007)
The number of states offering a tuition break to recent veterans has more than tripled, from six to 19, since 9/11. Five states passed laws this year; several have proposals in the pipeline. Benefits range from a full ride for veterans in Illinois to a tuition freeze in Tennessee for Guard and Reserves mobilized for at least six months. They typically must attend a state school and meet residency and academic requirements.

"Vets face Little Overt Hostility on Campuses, but they feel Different from Other Students"

University of Kansas / Kansas City Star (3 DEC 2007)
In a political science class, Gerald Caetano listens with gritted teeth as another student, 18 or 19 years old, broadly states that the military is “over there torturing Iraqis” just like Saddam Hussein did. “I know when to bite my tongue,” Caetano said. “When I first got back, I would almost have to hold myself in my chair.”

"University System to Waive Student Fees for Combat Veterans"

University System of Georgia (8 AUG 2007)
The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (USG) today approved a measure waiving mandatory fees for any Georgia residents who have seen combat in recent years as active members of the Georgia National Guard or the U.S. Military Reserves, effective immediately.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Colleges Prepare as Students Return from Wars Abroad"

Colorado University (11 NOV 2007)
Newcomb, a University of Colorado senior, is among a new wave of veterans who abandoned their traditional education to serve their country. Now, 4½ years into the Iraq War, colleges across the country are braced for an influx of returning veterans, reminiscent of the post-WWII boom in higher education. CU this semester opened a veterans affairs office to help smooth the transition for troops turned students.

"Society Supports Veterans, Serves Community"

The College of William and Mary (8 NOV 2007)
The members of the society also started their own project, entitled “Project Cool Aid.” The members gathered money from donors and bought care packages for members of the 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines. The packages included “things that would help accomplish their mission,” said Zaal, including Cool-Aid helmet inserts for Kevlar. “I actually used one of these Cool-Aids when I was in Iraq,” said Zaal. “I know how hot it gets in the summer. So we decided, ‘Why don’t we sponsor a unit that’s going to be in Iraq in the summer and help support them with these Cool-Aids?’.”

"Campus Veterans Grateful to be Home for the Holidays"

University of Wisconsin - Whitewater (20 NOV 2007)
Even though it might be a holiday in the United States, overseas there is still a war going on that doesn't take a vacation. "Thanksgiving was my first day in Kuwait," Idzikowski said. "You're still given tasks and objectives to do. The same with Christmas, we were out on a mission." Veterans home for the holidays are grateful to be back but are quick to remind others that there are still soldiers overseas who are not as fortunate. "There are people who aren't coming home for the holidays," Stachel said. "So maybe stop and be thankful and think of those people."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Ceremony Honors Student Veterans; New Organization Gives Support"

University of Louisville (14 NOV 2007)
“A majority of student veterans are now combat veterans,” he said. “We are not 18 to 22; we do not see things the same way as a regular student. We are adults who have seen the world and have seen the reality of the world. Most are commuters with families and life challenges that a traditional student does not face. These are the things we as an organization want to help one another with.”

"Veterans Take Grievances to Columbia Provost"

The New York Sun (1 FEB 2006)
Mr. Sanchez, as first reported by a Columbia student, Chris Kulawick, in a January 18 opinion piece in the Columbia Spectator, says three Columbia students accosted him at the Military Society table at the university's annual activities fair, calling him a "baby killer" and saying that, as a minority serviceman, Mr. Sanchez was "ignorant" and "stupid" for allowing himself to be used as "fodder" for an exploitative military.

"Back From War, Combat Vet Describes Life as a Student" (19 NOV 2007)
From the deserts of Iraq to Montezuma Hall on the campus of San Diego State University -- veterans of war are returning to school in droves. Not since after WWII have we seen this number off vets enrolling in college. There's been a 68 percent increase in veterans enrolling in the CSU system compared to a year ago. Joining us in the studio to talk about this is Nathaniel Donnelly, a combat vet and President of the Student Veterans Organization at San Diego State.

"At Wesleyan, A Plan To Draw More Veterans"

Hartford Courant (18 NOV 2007)
Wesleyan University cherishes diversity, but one group does not have much of a presence at this liberal arts college: veterans. Of Wesleyan's roughly 2,900 students, perhaps two have military backgrounds, according to a university spokesman. Soon they will be a little less lonely. Two alumni have endowed scholarships for up to 10 former service members, beginning with students entering next fall.

"Veteran's Day is Still Important"

Indiana Statesman (16 NOV 2007)
"Frankly, I do not care if you support the War in Iraq or any other military involvements that the United States is currently engaged in. That is not of any importance to me or to this topic. I do care if you support the men and women who are giving everything so that you may continue to enjoy the freedoms here at home. These soldiers do not receive enough support from our campus community, but a more pressing issue is the absolute lack of support that the returning veterans receive from the government."

Idaho State University's Free TBI Education Programs

PTSD Combat: Winning the War Within (5 NOV 2007)
Nov. 29 – “Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury: Current Issues” presented by Ariel J. Lang, Ph.D., associate professor of psychiatry at the University of California, and Dewleen Baker, M.D., associate professor of psychiatry at the University of California.
Dec. 6 – “Cognitive Rehabilitation after Blast Injury and Polytrauma” presented by Don MacLennan of the Minneapolis Veteran’s Administration Medical Center.
Dec. 13 – “Idaho’s Traumatic Brain Injury Virtual Program Center (TBI-VPC)” presented by Russ Spearman, project director of the ISU-IRH and Laura J. Tivis Ph.D., project manager of ISU-IRH.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"First-Ever Veterans' Appreciation Event"

University of Minnesota (13 NOV 2007)
Simmons pointed out that freedom is at the core of activities at universities, and thanked the veterans for their role in keeping that intact. "We have academic freedom [and] we have freedom of expression because of the commitment from citizens like you."
The event also included the unveiling of plans and sketches for a veterans memorial that will be part of the new on-campus football stadium.

California's "Troops to College" Initiative

Statement of Allison G. Jones, Assistant Vice Chancellor, California State University System (31 JUL 2007)
"Schwarzenegger charged the California Community Colleges, the California State University, and the University of California, working in collaboration with all military branches, and the California Departments of Veterans Affairs, Education, and Labor and Workforce Development to expand education opportunities for active duty service members and veterans to achieve his vision that California will become the nation's leader and model in providing them with educational opportunities and assistance."

"Combat Marine Adjusts to UWRF after Deployment"

University of Wisconsin - River Falls (1 NOV 2007)
Barclay and Carow are planning on starting a Veteran’s club on campus. Barclay would like the club to be a “support group for veterans ... where veterans could share their stories and bring the camaraderie back on campus.” Looking back, Barclay does not have regrets joining the military and when asked if he would do it over again, “Yes, I’d make the decision again regardless of the injuries ... it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t,” Barclay said. “We all make decisions in life; you have to deal with it, good, bad or indifferent.”

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Roundup from University of Texas - Austin

Iraq vets tackle new mission at home: college (10 NOV 2007)
The most frustrating thing about college, Bosnick said, "was having professors and classmates who made judgments about Iraq and things that are going on in the world (when) all they knew was what they saw on the news and what their parents and professors told them." Bosnick said he supports the U.S. mission in Iraq and takes criticism of the war personally.

Longhorns Honor Vets at Last Home Game Against Tech (10 NOV 2007)

Former Air Force enlistee shares her story, views (29 JAN 2007)

UT veterans share war experiences (25 JAN 2007)

UT group devoted to student veterans (10 NOV 2006)
Villarreal said a professor once accused him of being a party to the killing of Argentinean revolutionary Che Guevara - an experience that makes him want to spend time with other veterans. "Not that I think we're clannish, I think we're probably a very diverse group as far as personal interests, politics - believe it or not - and majors, family background, etc.," he said. "We are not the monolithic, robotic people they think we are in the faculty lounge."

Student Government backs veterans' agency (5 JAN 2006)
One issue the new agency will handle is that of student veterans on active reserve attending UT who are being called back to Afghanistan or Iraq, since there is no University policy on how to handle their sudden departure from school, said Margarita Jimenez, treasurer of the Student Veterans Association.

"No Man's Land"

San Diego State University (29 May 2005)
"When I was in Iraq, I thought I'd get back home and get to campus and have great, enlightening discussions about the war and terrorism, politics and history," said Osuna, who enlisted after graduating from high school in Calexico and now studies civil engineering at San Diego State. "But all anyone wants to talk about is the price of gas and 'American Idol,' " he said. "Reports about soldiers being killed and wounded over there are very real to us; we feel the pain of the people still there. "These young kids on campus don't have a clue about what's going on in the world. They don't read newspapers, don't follow the news."

"BSU Says No to 21-Gun Salute to Veterans"

Boise State University (8 NOV 2007)
Boise State University has turned down a request from veterans for a 21-gun salute on campus Monday to mark Veterans Day, saying it might scare bystanders still spooked by school shootings in other states. R.K. Williams, a Vietnam War veteran and longtime Boise State employee who runs the campus veterans services office, said he asked university officials for permission to hold the salute at noon, but they turned him down — twice.

"Mandatory-Fee Waiver Approved for Combat Veterans"

Medical College of Georgia (9 AUG 2007)
"We are so excited about this and really grateful for any light that can shine on the veterans and the work they do for us," says Ms. Flicek. In March, the USG made it "faster, friendlier and easier" for military personnel to obtain college degrees by launching the Georgia Military Education Initiative, a coordinated system-wide approach to expanding degree programs, courses and support services available to every branch of the military.

"From Combat to College"

VFW Magazine (SEP 2006)
"There are, of course, a small minority of students who are opposed to our nation having a military or using it to defend our country;" Parker said. "These students here at KU are typically led and misguided by a small cadre of professional students who have been at the university since the time of the Vietnam War. It's not that they're bad kids, they've just been lied to about a few things."

"Colleges Aim to be Veteran-Friendly"

University of Missouri - Columbia (2 SEP 2007)
250 MU students receive military benefits, said Carol Fleisher, who leads the task force with Lee Henson. Henson said the group, which had its first meeting on Monday, is trying to find university models that might help make MU more "veteran-friendly." Task force member Gerald Caetano is president of the Mizzou Student Veterans Association. He said that despite the GI Bill and military tuition assistance, some MU students aren’t getting their needs met. "Every horror story you can think of has happened to at least one person," he said.

"Standing Up for Veterans"

University of Oregon (10 NOV 2007)
At the same time, the group is trying to show that the increasingly common image of veterans as scarred and battle-weary warriors is one-dimensional. Not all veterans serve overseas, not all who serve overseas see combat, and not all who see combat are injured. “Veteran status is something they share, but it’s not the complete image of that person,” Jin said. “The experiences of vets are all very different.” “All vets have sacrificed, not just those who fell,” Addis said.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

"UMASS War Veterans Adjust to Life After Combat"

Massachusetts Daily Collegian (8 May 2007)
Last semester he was walking through campus and he saw three guys on top of the Student Union, with a telephoto lens camera. "I immediately thought RPG when I saw what was in his hands and I started looking for cover. It doesn't get better," Schnauber said. "We walk though campus and we look at bushes, doorways, peoples hands, how they are carrying their backpacks," said Schnauber. "I certainly do not have a bad case of PTSD either."

"Combat Veteran Students Redeploy to Iraq"

San Diego State University (5 Nov 2007)
Hogan withdrew from classes last week and left on Monday, Nov. 5, to begin training for his third deployment to Iraq. He represents a growing number of combat veterans whose education at San Diego State University has been interrupted to return to war. "It sucks that I had to withdraw from my classes this semester, but I joined the Marine Corps post 9/11 knowing of the possibilities for multiple deployments," Hogan said.

"New CU-Boulder Office To Assist Military Veterans In Their Transition To College Students"

University of Colorado - Boulder (30 Oct 2007)
One of the first charges for the new office will be to determine who the military veterans are on the CU-Boulder campus, according to Greg Akers, a retired U.S. Marine Corps colonel who is director of the new office. "We need to figure out what we provide and what we need to provide for our veterans," said Akers. "This is hard information to get because we currently don't know how many veterans we have on our campus."

"Student Veterans Combat Different Stresses"

Wisconsin State Journal (13 Oct 2007)
... as the numbers of veterans continues to climb on campus, university officials are increasingly aware that this is a student population with experiences and stresses that most undergrads — and the universities they attend — may know very little about.

"From Combat to Campus on the G.I. Bill"

The New York Times (16 Jan 2005)
In a time of intensified recruiting, soaring tuitions and unprecedented emphasis on higher education, you might assume that money for college is one of the military's biggest draws. Yet to the dismay of officials in charge of veterans' affairs, a third of veterans never take advantage of their education benefits -- although they have paid out money for the purpose of receiving them.

"From Combat to the Campus"

US News & World Report (16 Sep 2007)
The military is many things, but a college counselor is not typically one of them. Sure, about 270,000 veterans are currently using the benefits of the Montgomery gi Bill to attend college. But if soldiers are wounded or discharged from the military, they can lose access to active-duty perks like educational counseling. A new program run by an education-oriented nonprofit organization is working to change that.

"Campus Veterans Clubs Boost Camaraderie and Careers"

VFW Magazine
Clubs of veterans are beginning to sprout up on campuses across the country. They fill a void by providing vital practical and emotional services. The VFW magazine is the first to report on this growing movement.

The Roundup from UMICH Student Veterans

"A Search for Causes of Veteran Suicide" (Michigan Daily, 7 Nov 2007)

"Vets Tell of Tough Transition to College" (Michigan Daily, 26 Oct 2007)

"Their Separate Piece: Three U.Michigan Students Talk About Returning from War" (Michigan Daily, 26 Sep 2007)